Why hire R. Hermann Heimgartner to defend you?
Mr. Heimgartner has years of experience as a deputy prosecuting attorney, deputy public defender, and as a private defense attorney.  He knows the system, and the system is stacked against you.  The State and the County have far more resources than any one person, but Mr. Heimgartner knows how to level the playing field.  A criminal case is fought and won with different tactics.

Can R. Hermann Heimgartner get your case dismissed?
Possibly.  Dismissals can be filed for technical reasons in criminal cases.  R. Hermann Heimgartner has filed and won numerous motions for dismissal, including speedy trial and discovery violations.

Can R. Hermann Heimgartner get the State’s evidence suppressed for the police’s unlawful conduct?
Possibly.  Getting evidence suppressed (thrown out) is a critical aspect of a criminal defense case.  R. Hermann Heimgartner has filed and won numerous suppression motions, including motions for unlawful stop of vehicle, unlawful seizure of person, unlawful search (of person, car, house), and unlawful questioning by the police.

What will Mr. Heimgartner do for you?
Mr. Heimgartner pledges the following.  He will keep you informed of your court dates.  He will return your phone calls and emails.  He will pay his own personal attention to your case.  He will diligently investigate your case and give you an honest assessment of your case. Most importantly, he will 100% in your corner and to achieve the best possible outcome for you.