Kona DUI Attorney


  • Will I have a criminal record?  If you are convicted of a DUI or plead guilty or no contest, then the conviction will be on your record forever.
  • Is there jail time for a 1st time DUI?  Probably not, but it is case, fact, prosecutor, and judge specific.  Bad facts such as a collision could be a fact that would warrant a judge or prosecutor in imposing jail.  A high BAC/BRAC could be another factor.  Furthermore, some deputy prosecutors are very aggressive and ask for high sentences.  Different judges have different sentencing patterns.  Finally, an experienced attorney will prepare you to court so that you don't say something stupid that would make the judge give you jail.
  • Will I be able to drive?  Only if you apply and receive an interlock permit.
  • What is ADLRO?  ADLRO is the Administrative Driver License Revocation Office.  This is an administrative action that is completely different from the criminal charge.  The ADLRO process is a fast track process to get your license revoked.
  • Do I need a lawyer?  Despite Kona being a laid back tourist town in Hawaii, the courts in Kona are complicated.  To the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, you are merely a statistic.  Unless you put a vigorous defense, you are not going to get notice.  Unless you find technical defects in the case, you are not going to get a break.  To fight in court, you need to know the law, the procedures, the science, and the process.

Mr. Heimgartner provides unparalleled expertise in DUI / Drunk Driving cases due to his extensive training and experience as a former deputy prosecuting attorney and deputy public defender. He builds your defense by identifying and targeting specific vulnerabilities in the prosecutor’s case, and aggressively attacking them. Mr. Heimgartner handles each part of your DUI case so you don’t have to. Hawaii is extremely harsh on people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. DUI / Drunk Driving penalties can include jail time, massive fines, lengthy and expensive DUI/alcohol classes, community labor, ignition interlock device, driver license suspension, and much more. DUI / Drunk Driving convictions can also permanently tarnish your criminal record and DMV record, making finding employment difficult, and getting insured very costly. It is vital to seek a Kona attorney for your DUI immediately to ensure a proper ADLRO hearing so the ADLRO office does not automatically suspend your license.

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